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6 Easy Steps to Inspecting Your Roof

Annual roof inspections are a ‘plus one ‘for people who decide to give a makeover to their homes by installing new roofs. Usually, roofing companies in Corpus Christi invigilate the roofs of their clients after every season, but the most important one takes place when the winter season is leaving, i.e., spring roof inspection. 

Everyone is aware of the fact that winter seasons are tougher for the roofs as compared to any other weather.  There is not denying that the winter season creates temperature fluctuations and varying precipitation, which can lead to creation of unwanted problems. Hence, it is imperative to identify and fix these issues beforehand and make sure that your roof is ready to stand up against the weather.

Nelson Roofing Contracting, one of the leading roof contractors in Corpus Christi, Texas, are here to guide you through some quality spring roof inspection tips! 

We suggest you thoroughly check your chimneys while performing your annual roof inspection sessions; often accumulated twigs and other debris may lead to interior damage of liners, mortar joints, et cetera. In addition, there might be a higher risk of fire hazards. 

  1. Check if there are any leakages in the flashing points; small cracks or holes may cause severe damage. 
  2. Many of you may have eaves trough under your roofs, often unnoticed and neglected during inspections. It is highly suggested that you inspect and clean thoroughly. The accumulation of leaves and twigs needs to be removed followed by rinsing the gutters in the downward direction. Finally, check if there are any loosened nails.
  3. Moreover, see if the shingles of your roof are intact; it is important that you notice if any of the shingles are missing, damaged or cracked. To make sure beforehand, check for dark spots/patches, blisters et cetera. 
  4. We highly recommend you to do a regular trimming of branches that hover over your roof (if there are any). This helps in various ways; leaves, wooden stems or twigs will not be accumulated on a large scale, will keep rodents and other small animals away from creating nests on your roof, et cetera. 
  5. Furthermore, it is always good to plan beforehand, i.e., mark on your calendar about upcoming roof inspection dates after every season change! This not only help you keep a better check on your roof, but also increases its life span   
  6. Lastly, contact the roof contractors of your locality to carry out the spring roof inspection in a professional and better way!

That is when Nelson Roof Contracting comes to your rescue! Choose the best roof contractor in Corpus Christi, Texas to be at your service. Along with roof installation and repair assistance, we offer roof inspection services to ease your pain of annual roof checking to make sure that your roof stands out every season without causing you fortune. Nelson Roof Contracting are certified roof contractors that can be your one-stop-shop for all your roof needs and requirements.