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Prevention and Safety of Commercial Roof Skylights

The future of roofing is finally here; skylight roofing, which includes an opening with plastic or translucent glass. Skylight roofs are designed and created to capture and accentuate interior spaces with daylight. This choice of roofing can be used in industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Skylight roofs offer loads of advantages such as lower electricity bills, usage of natural light et cetera. However, these roofs have some disadvantages as well; studies show that mis-happenings occurring during roof trade usually takes place by falling from a skylight. 

Nelson Roof Contracting, one of the leading roofers in Corpus Christi, Texas, with years of practice and experience, can help you with your commercial and residential roofing needs (which includes skylight roof prevention and safety too!) 

As they are penetrated in the roofs, we suggest you maintain these on a regular basis. Some safety tips/steps recommended by us are: 

  • Installation of guards around skylights 
  • While preparing the roof installation map, prefer reviewing from the inside of the building (in case the ceiling offers the view.)
  • If anyone is working near skylight roofs, it is essential that the person is harnessed properly with guarding systems to prevent falls or unnecessary injuries. 

However, you need to be aware of the common issues that arise when you get a skylight roof in your building.

  • There might be cases when the surroundings of commercial roof skylights may decay. Here temporary solutions can be implied, but do not consider them as long term solutions!
  • Slight cracks on skylights can turn into a dangerous situation before you even realise it. Solutions might include repairing the cracks or totally eliminating the skylights and replacing them with new ones.  
  • Continuous maintenance after seasons is imperative as well. Regular check ups by the respective roof trader or installer may help you reduce the risk of your skylights getting ruined faster, and increase their lifespan.

Many roofers in Christi Corpus may provide you with best quality skylights and installation services, but they forget the basic assistance; tips of safety, prevention and awareness of other small yet important things. 
Installations of commercial roof skylights is a great investment and enhancement to your building. Nelson Roof Contracting, being one of the best roof repairs in Corpus Christi, also offers fixing services and assistance at your doorstep! In addition, we advise and give suggestions on how to avoid unwanted damages in your roofs.